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Spanish classes lasalle


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Spanish Courses Lasalle
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2056 Lapierre Street, Lasalle, H8N 2J3
Comprendeme Language Academy Presents Affordable Language for People of All Ages

Real Language Solutions for Real People
Learning the Spanish language is an interesting project. Spanish knowledge can create numerous
ways for you to explore Spanish:
1. People,
2. Culture
3. Traveling possibilities and
4. Business opportunities. 
At “Comprendeme Language Academy”, we recognize that every student wants affordable
lessons. We also understand the importance of giving effective language courses. We definitely
have a plan that will help anyone master a new language.
We take pride in giving:
a.) the best instructors, 
b.) Comfortable learning atmosphere at low cost,
c.) Latest teaching technics in the market today.
No Time like the Present
There is no time like the present to start your adventure in learning Spanish.  Before you know it,
you will be ordering meals at your favorite:
i.) Mexican or
ii.) Spanish restaurant with fluent ease! 
We have a mission statement at our language academy. It is to make Spanish:
1. accessible,
2. affordable and
3. Easy to learn.

Engage the beautiful Spanish language, at Comprendeme Language Academy. It is a wise
decision before going a Spanish restaurant or a fancy trip to a Spanish speaking country.
Learn more about our Spanish lessons by watching this visual aide.